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I am an amateur photographer using Canon cameras. I pride myself on taking photographs from a perspective and vantage point that many find original. For some of my photos, my unique “slant” on ordinary subjects elicits responses like “Wow! I’ve never seen a picture like that before”. Without the use of digital manipulation in a majority of my work (let’s say >90%), my images deliver the purity of the event in a special moment in time.

My photography is a passionate hobby, and has been awarded and recognized in varied venues throughout the years, including...

  > January 2006, Annual Black and White Photo Competition, Kahilu Theatre in Waimea, Hawaii - Best in Show for "Twig Matrix"

  > January 2007, Annual Black and White Photo Competition, Kahilu Theatre in Waimea, Hawaii - First Place (Advanced Amateur/Professional Division) for "Pontiac Lines".

  > November 2008, Annual Mixed-Media Competition, Kim Taylor Reece Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii - Best in Show for "Genesis".

  > July 2009, Annual Natural Resource Photography Contest, National Park Service - Grand Prize for "Shi Shi Explorer".

  > March 2010, several images were posted on the website (Home Page and Image Gallery) of the world's largest astronomical observatory, the W.M. Keck Observatory. Several images also grace Keck's 2009 and 2010 Annual Reports, including full page spreads and panoramas.

  > December 2010, seven photos, including "Fiery Mandala", "Sweet Respite", "Dewey Fun", and "Dollar Wise" were selected to adorn the new oncology unit at Straub Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii.

  > March 2011, the photo "Lifelines" was selected for the 25th Anniversary Celebration Exhibition at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, Port Angeles, Washington.

  > Summer 2011, the photo "Winter Wanderings" was selected for the juried Backcountry Exhibition at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, Port Angeles, Washington.

  > 2011, 2012, 2013 the photo "Pontiac Lines" was chosen by Harbinger Winery of Port Angeles, Washington to grace the label of their seasonal variety release: 2008, 2009, & 2010 Barbera wines. 

  > May 2012, the photo "Onward" was selected as a full-page cover photograph for an article on National Park excursions (pg. 32) in the May issue of OUTSIDE magazine.

  > January 2013, the photo "Onward" was selected by Gregory Backpacks to market their hiking gear online, in print media, and international tradeshows.

  > January 2013, Washington Trails Association, 2012 Northwest Exposure Photo Contest, First-Place for "Hikers in Action" category.  

  > March 2014, I was recognized as one of the Top 100 Finalists in a nationwide juried photo competition celebrating the 50-year anniversary of the Wilderness Act. Out of 5,500 submissions, my photo ONWARD was awarded Honorable Mention status and was used nationally to promote the celebration. My photograph was exhibited at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. through the Summer 2015. 

  > September 2014, the photo "All Together Now" was awarded Third Place and the photo "Pastured Solitude" received Honorable Mention consideration in the inaugural Waimea Alive photography contest, which celebrates Waimea's Outdoor Splendor and Paniolo Heritage.

  > November 2014, the National Park Service selected my Mauna Kea photo "Makanaka & Friends" to highlight in their 2015 calendar of National Natural Landmark sites.

  > November 2016, Olympic National Park selected four wilderness photographs to include in its 2017 Calendar published to celebrate the centennial of the National Park Service.

  > September 2017, with over 2000 entries was awarded Honorable Mention  for "Peak A Blue" in 2017 National Park Service photo contest sponsored by National Parks Trips Media and Tamron.

  > October 2017, chosen as Artist-in-Residence for North Cascades National Park by the North Cascades Institute, which provided support and assistance to explore and discovery the Wilderness areas of the North Cascades to share with NCI students, staff, visitors and other NW community members.

  > December 2017, selected as one of several Artist-in-Residence at Elephant Butte Lake Artist Retreat outside of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.  

  > May 2018, photograph "Frozen Intersections" selected for annual juried exhibit at Kahilu Theatre Gallery in Waimea, Hawaii.   


  > May 2018, photo "For the Birds" was selected for the exclusive Black & White online gallery of the Cultural Center of Cape Cod.    

  > June 2018, the Hawaii Island Art Alliance accepted "Gratitude" for entry into the Midsummer Art Celebration at its Annual All Media Juried Exhibit at the Wailoa Arts Center in Hilo, Hawaii.

> August 2018, the Cultural Center of Cape Cod selected the photograph "Angel Eye" for the exhibit of FAUNA in their international online gallery.

> August 2018, the Hawaii Island Art Alliance chose "Harmony" and "Gratitude" for entry into the Abstract Only! Juried Exhibit at the Wailoa Arts Center in Hilo, Hawaii.

> September 2018, identified as one of ten national winners in the Share The Experience Federal Employee Photo Contest for the year 2017.  The photo "Winter Magic" was selected, which shows the snowcapped peaks in Washington's Pasayten Wilderness.  

> October 2018, selected as a Resident Artist at the exclusive Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming.  The Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts provided time, space, and opportunity for artistic exploration and immersion in an extraordinary western environment. 

> May 2019, awarded Second Place Winner for Overall Hydropower in the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Water Power Technologies Office Make a Splash Photo Contest for photograph of Diablo Dam beneath Pyramid Peak in North Cascades National Park.

> August 2019, received Honorable Mention for photo titled "Morning Mist" in Fusion Art's Highways and Byways  Quarterly International Online Juried Art Exhibition.

> September 2019, recognized with a Third Place prize for "Face to Face" in the 6th Annual “ALL Animal” Online Art Competition by  the Contemporary Art Gallery Online.

> September 2019, awarded as a Finalist for "Genesis" in Fusion Art's Third Annual  Skies International Online Juried Art Exhibition.

> October 2019, invited to participate in high desert indigeous immersion as Artist-in-Residence with La Wayaka Current in Calama, Chile.

Thankfully, I have had additional opportunities to share my images with others in exhibitions and sales at the Sequim Museum and Arts Center, Sotheby's Real Estate Gallery, Audubon River Center, Kapoho Kine Adventures store, Hilo Yacht Club, and the Hawaii Museum of Contemporary Art.

In response to a desire to share my love and passion for the natural world through photographs, has been the development of this web site. As a soul dedicated to love, truth, and peace,  I am always open to new paths, opportunities, and moments of discovery. If you happen to cross my orbit  I'm always happy to make new friends and to "talk story" about life, its gifts, the wonders of the world, etc. If you want to go off wandering for photographic opportunities or out for a hike, I'm always up for an adventure into the wild.

If you have any comments, questions, or ideas, please contact me. Thank you for viewing my photos and for spending some time on my website.

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